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The heart behind Addis coffee is Meba Erifera. Born and raised in Ethiopia and now a true Amsterdamer. It has been her long beloved dream to bring the religion of Ethiopian coffee to the Dutch. After all Arabica coffee originated from Ethiopia! Millions of Ethiopians are involved in coffee production and it can be said no ones loves their coffee more than the Ethiopians! About half of the coffee crop production is consumed domestically. The country has a beautiful tradition of how they prepare their coffee; the beans are roasted on charcoal, pounded in a mortar and then boiled in a clay coffee pot called 'the djebenna'. This ritual is for the preparation of just one pot of coffee. Where else can you find such devoted coffee drinkers?! Meba hopes to bring such devoted coffee love to the Dutch. Such quality deserves thought and care in the preparation.


You can reach me for more info at   

Addis Coffee is registered with the Chamber of Commerce: 77847784

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